Barcelona, Spain

We couldn't decide on a third city when we were planning our European vacation, and flights to Barcelona from Paris were super cheap! I never thought I would go to Spain, but I am so happy we did! I wish we had spent more time there, but we explored a lot of the city and drank plenty of sangria. A highlight was  definitely going inside a building by Gaudi. It was so much fun to walk through the building and feel like we were going underwater!

A surprising second highlight of our time in Barcelona was a flash rainstorm! I was determined to go to the beach and by the time we got there, the clouds were rolling in. It was too cold to sit outside, so we went in a burger bar and got a pitcher of sangria. Within minutes, rain was pouring down and everyone was running inside. They had to close the windows so water wouldn't leak in. We decided to order some burgers and wait it out. Not your authentic Spanish meal, but I will never forget it!


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