London, UK

London has always been at the top of my cities to visit, and I got to go there three times in the last two years! I love everything about this city from the porridge at Pret A Manger to the really efficient metro trains. It gets harder to leave every time I go there, but luckily I get to go back there for the flower show in May! I've included some of my favorite spots in this post and let me know what your favorites are! Another thing about this city that I love is that there are always new scones to try and teas to sip.

Starting off with one of my favorite photos. Chris and I went to the London Eye right after we got off the plane on our honeymoon and we were so happy we did. We went at night which I highly recommend because you can see all of the city lights. We also did the champagne experience so we got a glass of champagne at the bar before the ride and one while we were on the wheel!

To Eat/Sip: Sketch

This is one of the most Instagrammable tea places and it totally lives up to the hype! We started with my first taste of caviar and ended with the most amazing desserts. I also loved that they created a menu just for me that was free of nuts!

Also, be sure to check out the bathroom!

To Eat: Coppa Club

During the holidays, Coppa sets up the most magical igloos that are full of comfy blankets, cute decor, and a view of the river. The reservations are hard to get, but it's a totally special and unique experience.

To Stay: The Laslett

This is the only place I've stayed in Notting Hill, but I would live there if I could! As you can see in the photos, I had my own little loft and it was perfectly located by the tube. And how pretty is that bar! I was travelling by myself for work, and it was the perfect place to sit, have a glass of wine, and catch up on email.

When To Go: Spring

London is amazing during every season. Picture falling leaves in autumn and Christmas markets during the winter. But I fell in love with all of the flowers and green during the spring. London takes their flowers very seriously, and there are storefronts that are covered with elaborate flower displays.

To Visit: Notting Hill

I had the best time wandering the streets of Notting Hill because there were adorable houses around every corner! Not to mention some amazing restaurants and a yoga studio that I loved.

Does this pink on look familiar? It was in Love Actually!

To Eat/Sip: Dinerama

Located in the Shoreditch neighborhood, Dinerama has a ton of food stalls that have something for everyone. They even had a delicious vegan pizza! You can sit at a tiki bar on the second floor or create your own gin and tonic. It's also very affordable and there is no cover if you get there early enough!

After Dinerama, walk down the street to Ballie Ballerson for the craziest bar I've ever been to. You can jump in the ball pit and get drinks that are set on fire!

To Eat: Petersham Nurseries

Petersham Nurseries is in Covent Garden, and they have an amazing garden shop, a sit-down restaurant, and a grab and go counter. My boss and I got quiches, tea, and the most AMAZING lemon drizzle cake and sat outside.

To Visit: The British Museum

Free to the public and packed full of artifacts, I could spend hours in here. The perfect place to go if you need to escape from the rain or was to see the Rosetta Stone!

To Shop: Liberty of London

Hands down my favorite shop in London. More stunning architecture and perfectly located off Regent street, I could spend a lot of money here (and I have). Their fabrics are featured on a lot of their pieces and they have something for everyone. They have luxury items as well as the cutest housewares.


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