Santorini, Greece

I had been waiting all week to get to Santorini. I have always wanted to go there to photograph the blue and white buildings against the amazing ocean. I was not disappointed. I got to spend my birthday walking around one of the most surreal places. The streets were incredibly clean, the people were friendly, and there were donkeys everywhere. We immediately got on a water taxi at Thira and rode to the other side of the island to Oia. We had a couple hours to walk around and have a cappuccino on the balcony of a coffee shop on one of the cliffs. We then took a bus down to the town of Fira and had lunch. We thought it would be a good idea to skip the line for the gondola and walk down the steps back to the port. It took much longer than we thought and I'm pretty sure I stepped in donkey poop.  Regardless of the smelly donkeys, it was the perfect birthday.


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