Lake Tahoe and Echo Lake - Tahoe, CA

I got to spend 4th of July weekend with my family in West Lake Tahoe. We got to watch fireworks on Kings Beach and hike around Echo Lake. Tahoe has always been a special place for my family, so it was great to go back and spend time with everyone. I loved experimenting with photographing the fireworks and getting shots while we took a boat to the trail at Echo Lake. We also tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time! Only fell in the water a couple times…

Our view from the boat heading towards the trailhead

Trail head for the Pacific Crest Trail on Echo Lake

A beautiful butterfly on the dock while waiting for our boat

A crawfish camouflaged in the rocks on the beach at Lake Tahoe

The dock at Sunnyside

The sunset before the fireworks

Fireworks over Kings Beach on Lake Tahoe
Had a great time learning how to paddle board!


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