Muir Woods

Working at the California Academy of Sciences, I get exposed to some of the coolest research and exhibits. I was lucky enough to get to attend a talk by Dr. Meg Lowman who is our new Chief of Science and Sustainability. She spoke for an hour about how she became interested in science and why she chose to study tree canopies. She told us all about her work in Ethiopia and the projects she will be working on when she returns. She also told us an amazing anecdote about how she grew up with a best friend who was also really nerdy. She said that they would put earthworms that had been cut by her father's lawnmower back together with tape. Meg said that this girl's brother was also very nerdy and loved designing clothes which made him quite unpopular at their high school. He grew up to be Tommy Hilfiger and her friend is now a nurse. Listening to her speak reminded me why I love working for the Academy why I care about sustainability and protecting our natural resources. I was inspired to take a trip to Muir Woods and photograph the trees. It had started to rain, but my caring boyfriend held an umbrella over me while I took pictures.


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